Thinking of Mam, always brings a smile on my face and gratefulness in my mind. I consider myself really fortunate because I have been her student n I still am..because she still guides me and is my well wisher

Going back to days in 2017, I remember how she mesmerized me with her charismatic personality. It is needless to say that she has been an excellent mentor to me n also more than that. She understood me so well, kept all my secrets and guided me in the place where I am today. The designation that I hold today beside my name is for her.

There has been so many times where I was pessimistic, demoralized but mam has always been the epitome of optimism in my life. She has been there for me through thick n thin..

Regarding her teaching, I have not seen anyone teaching law better than her! She used to make our classes sooo interesting and fun.. I enjoyed being in her class n I always admired how efficiently she took personal care of everyone.. She has unfaltering knowledge about how to succeed in the judicial service and she possesses high speculative capacity about the examination.

Words cant Express my gratitude for her.. I just want the best to come in her life .. always! Thank you, my indelible mam.. u r one in a million!

- Sanchari Chatterjee

Ma'am you are like mentor cum motivator cum friend to me moreover the way of your teaching is much more innovative as well as educative , the way you interact with us nobody can

You have make such positive impact on my life and I can't thank you enough and of course all hard work you do day after day doesn't go unnoticed thank u so much for choosing me as your student

- Sunayana Nath

I Had joined the law classes a year and half back and honestly this is the place if anyone wants to clear judicial service. Ma'am is extremely proficient in all the subjects and prepares her students accordingly. She has a proven track record as almost every year there are are few students from her classes who clear the exam to serve the judiciary. Her teaching methods are extremely clinical and methodical and helps the students immensely. The regular tests conducted on all the relevant subjects is of huge help when one is preparing for the exams. Above all she is a mentor who cares for her students and ready to go to any extent to help her students.

- Sabyasachi Das

Ma'am, I have been under tutelage for almost 4 and a half months now. To be very honest, it crosses my mind every day that it would have been better for me if i had been in association with you from my college days. Nevertheless, I really like the way you explain each and every section to make us understand the concept. I appreciate the effort you put for making our notes and the audio lectures. The current affairs are up to the date. The online classes have always been interactive to give everyone the opportunity to speak. You are always just a call away whenever any doubt arises. I think if you could arrange more mock tests, that would be better. So that we could be accustomed with the questions. And if you could something for the static portion of the GK. Lastly, I cannot thank you enough for what you have been doing.

- Ankita Das

Given the vast syllabus, to start the preparation is a challenge in itself. The benefit of these classes became obvious when one paper after another was being covered in a systematic manner.

The instructions given adopt a streamlined approach where only the required portions were touched upon. Owing to any competitive exam being eliminatory, to know what not to prepare is very important.

The instructions are highly meticulous. The study materials not only complement it but also free up students' time which may have been otherwise taken up for note-making.

While, it is advisable to put in regular hours of study, it is likely to not work out that way. However, if a student attends regular classes and keeps the notes and materials arranged, whenever he/she gets down to study, can hit the ground running.

- Aditi Pal

A big thank you ma'am for your support and encouragement. You are really very inspiring to me and I am also very lucky to have a mentor like you....ma'am I think without you it would have impossible for me to learn so much...I really enjoy your class and the way you teach us is just fantastic...and lastly I would like to say that after my parents you are the only one with whom I can share my both official and personal life, and I also know that if I do anything wrong you are there to rectify me. Once again thank you ma'am for everything ️ with lots of love............UDITA 💓

- Udita Ghosh

Learning from you have been a wonderful experience. I have never seen such an responsible and efficient teacher like you. Your commitments never fail. When I joined you I was very sceptic as well as under confident. But the way you taught us and made the subjects so easy that now it is really interesting to read law. Whenever I needed any support regarding studies you always extended your hand. In the lockdown period when we all were demotivated you motivated us in every way possible and provided us with online classes as well as notes and etc. I am really grateful that I got such a wonderful mentor like you who is so highly knowledgeable and a selfless person.

- Sayori Mukherjee

I am thankful, at the outset for giving me a chance to write on you..

At the outset, I would like to say that i feel privileged being associated with you. In a year you and your motivational teaching has turned me into an optimistic person.

I believe, getting you as my mentor is the best thing happened to me.You are one of the finest and dependable person I have ever met in my life. Being my teacher, I cherish my luck that I have an opportunity to be your student.

Commenting on you and your teacher is a privilege.

To describe you, will never end.

My experience with you from the very first day was so good. I remember meeting you and talking with you gave me positive vibes. Then after attending your classes for a year I wish I had got you before. But as the saying says.. better late than never.. ..

Commenting about your teaching is showing my audacity. Your way of teaching is very unique unlike rest. It consists of clarity, smoothness and the best part you exactly use you *x factor* in such a way so that it motivates me in completing all your tasks in one go.. The hardest of hardest sections become easy and your explanations are way different and helpful than the usual ones which i came across throughout my bachelor degree.

I would like to specially mention that in this pandemic situation the way you taught it can be only You and no one else. Your unique, resourceful way of teaching benefits me in every way. ..

Thank you for giving me a chance to write on you and your teaching.️

- Sanhita Saha

Dear Ma'am, first of all I would like to thank you with my whole heart. It's been a year since I joined your class. I love the way you teach, it's very inspiring and I have learned a lot from you.I enjoy being a part of your class from the very first day.

I am thankful to you for making our law subjects more interesting than actually what they are..

I am thankful to you ma'am for providing such quality lectures along with study materials even in this lock-down phase when the whole world is fighting against Covid -19. You have always motivated all of us to see the brighter side of each and every thing. Thank you for your patience, flexibility and compassion during this pandemic phase and always..

Thank you for doing the best for us.

I am grateful to you for your support, your guidance and what not..

One more thing ma'am, I personally think you badly need a break for yourself and you very well deserve it..

There are so many heroes in the world right now and you are one of them ma'am.

- Tanima Roy